Revolution of the senses

On a blue background, there is the silhouette of a face. Four hands appear to take away or put back (it's not clear) its nose, mouth, ear, and eye.
Drawing by Wide Vercnocke

At the beginning of November 2020, audio producer Marco Stefanelli came to Barcelona with his recording equipment.

We spent two amazing days going around the city, recording sounds and noise, music and voices. Our journey ended in the music room of the Catalan Institute for Music Therapy, where I also played some Bach.

During those two very intense days, we talked about sensory issues, especially in relation to Autism, which makes my way of perceiving sensory stimuli quite different from the majority of people. I also explained how and why music has been so important in my life, especially to manage sensory overloads, understand and communicate emotions, learn how to discipline myself.

The recording has been broadcasted by BBC World Services last Sunday. If you want to learn more about how sound, noise, autism, and music, click HERE for the link.

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